Monday, 24 October 2011


This is my first blog and I've decided to start a blog to keep everyone up todate with my interest, activities as well as other things.

The main purpose actually to fulfill my individual assignment of MIS750 subject. It's been quite interesting for the last few class and everything has been absolutely wonderful!! MBA class is great, I've gained so much experience. I love my classmate and all the lecturers. They are so helpful. To my groupmates Hidayah & are all fanstastic!!!...Last but not least to my partner Juhana [Jee] - group assignment in this MIS750 go girl!!


  1. Wah.. ini gambar semester bila ni Aza? Masa ni semua pakai kemas2.. mat nor siap pakai kemeja dengan slack. Abg sham siap tug in lagik! Yang ladies pulak semua nampak feminin & menyerlah gitu...

  2. Ni masa last kelas HR...amik dari Jee punya FB... semua org ala2 gitu kan...hehehehhe



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