Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Let’s talk about mobile

My first article review [click here] for this MIS750 subject is about Mobile battle between iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy SII. I’m still remembering on my first hand phone back on 1998. Nowadays, not even we have but kindergarten school kids also have a mobile. How advanced technology is changing the world around us huh??...Let’s look at my mobile phone I’ve carried before….

1. Ericsson T10 – I had blue one. It was the first phone I got. A gift from my special boyfriend and now cum my beloved husband!.

2. Nokia 3310 – Still remember I bought it using ‘PTPTN’ balance.

3. Nokia 8250 – Upgrade my phone to a smaller and cute one with “blue screen” and I considered this is one of the beautiful hand phone that I ever had.

4. Nokie 7250 – The first coloured screen phone that I owned! The design of the 7250 is really nice and come with one big new feature –“the camera”.

5. Nokia 6270 - My first expensive phone. The biggest picture that I have and this was probably the phone that started the Nokia craze.

6. Nokia N95 - I like it!! It is all-in-one multimedia computer with a pioneering 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, fantastic display, outstanding photo and video capability with high-speed connectivity.

7. Blackberry Torch- My first Smartphone but only used it for about 1 month. Why? Because I've started fallin’ in love with Samsung Galaxy SII.

8. My Samsung Galaxy SII......(ScreenCapture).


Take a break with the Samsung Galaxy SII commercial,

Source: International Business Times

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